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Vauxbuin French national cemetery is on the side of the N2, on the right when you come from Soissons towards Villers-Cotterêts.

Built in 1919, this 16,096 square meter cemetery shelters 4,916 combatants fallen during WWI among whom a Russian soldier.

Into this cemetery were gathered together bodies coming from temporary military cemeteries like the one of Longpont that was nearby the Grille farm, and which contained 628 tombs, also bodies initially buried in Cerseuil, Longueval, Missy-sur-Aisne, Saint-Christophe in Soisssons, Oulchy-le-Château, Jouy, Nanteuil-la-Fosse, etc.

Le cimetière militaire français de Vauxbuin

Among these combatants, 3,958 were buried into individual and collective tombs, 940 are into two ossuaries.     This cemetery also contains the bodies of 17 combatants of WWII.

In this cemetery, a square contains the bodies of 281 British soldiers. The combatants from the B.E.F (British Expeditionary Force) came twice to Vauxbuin. First, after the battle of the Marne (from 6th to 10th September 1914), what would lead them to the Chemin des Dames where they would stay until mid-October. From that same period, we also find 53 identified tombs in this necropolis. The second one, during the spring and winter fights of 1918, after the German offensive of 27th May (Blücher-Yorck operation).

This necropolis is on the Vauxbuin plateau on the side of the N2, on the right when you come from Soissons towards Villers-Cotterêts. 

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